Emotion is texture, paint, color, thickness of the stroke.
Emotion, placed in the kiot, is an expression of many things—from real life to abstraction. That is why the kiot is the perfect gift for any holiday.
When it comes to choosing a gift, it can be a great idea. There is an important reason for this. Plots made in different techniques and 3D volume, give a timeless insight into life. Many will appreciate its content.
A series of paintings “Details” in the interior embodies a kind of alternative reality, in which steam engines and mechanisms, and not electronics, have received the main development. This retro-futuristic style reflects the characteristics of the Victorian era and fantasizes about the development of steam technology. Our team, working on the creation of such plots, tries to imagine the thoughts of the people of the 19th century, who sincerely believed in the success of the development of complex mechanics, and implements these images in separate plots and decorative details. Competent design details play an important role here. The main idea—to embody the warmth, originality, and desire for the unknown, characteristic of this style.